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Flat Form and Wire Form Springs- omni coil

Flat Form and Wire Form Springs Made in Canada, Shipped Worldwide

Wire form springs are springs that are manufactured from round wire. Meanwhile, flat form springs are manufactured using flat, rectangular, or square wire. Neither form has a standard shape or size but are instead custom items that are bent to have a specific angle and length. They have a range of applications and functions, being designed to maintain constant pressure, and hold components in place.


At OmniCoil Spring Works Inc., we can manufacture wire form and flat form springs for a wide range of industries. We provide in-house design and manufacturing which allows us to create the exact product you need for your applications. We are able to deliver on extremely quick deadlines and can provide special labelling and packaging requests to meet any specific requests. If you require testing and tagging, you can trust our QA department to provide that with no problem. Material certifications and certificates of compliances are available on request.


Our facility is fully equipped to provide a range of finishing processes in-house, including shot peening, painting, stress relieving, and special labelling and packaging.

OmniCoil Spring Works Inc. is Canada's leading provider of custom wire forms and flat forms.

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