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Custom Compression Springs Manufactured for Industries Worldwide

Compression springs have several varieties that are suitable for a range of applications. They are often used as pure energy accumulators, shock absorbers, vibration dampeners, or force generators. 


The experienced team at OmniCoil Spring Works Inc. specializes in the design and manufacture of custom compression springs for businesses and industries across Canada and the rest of the world. We pride ourselves on turning your concepts into reality through our modern techniques and old-school know-how. We have the ability to work with a range of wire sizes from 0.08” and up in materials such as:

☑ Stainless steel

☑ Music wire

☑ Chrome silicon

☑ Hard drawn

☑ Oil tempered wire

☑ 5160 H

☑ 4161 H

☑ Beryllium copper

☑ Chrome vanadium

☑ Hastelloy

☑ Inconel

☑ Phosphor bronze

☑ Elgiloy

☑ Titanium

☑ Monel

☑ Copper


We can also manufacture custom compression springs out of specialty materials at customer's request.

heavy duty compression springs

What is a Compression Spring?

A compression spring is an open-coil helical spring that offers resistance to compressive force that is applied axially. They can be cylindrical, conical, barrel-shaped, or even concave in form. They are available in four different end types; closed and ground, closed only, open only, and open and ground. 

Spring Shapes

☑ Conical

☑ Tapered

☑ Barrel

☑ Hourglass

☑ Straight

☑ Variable

☑ Custom

Spring End Types

☑ Open ends

☑ Closed ends

☑ Closed and ground

☑ Open and ground

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