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We Design, Manufacture, and Deliver Extension Springs Worldwide

An extension spring is a closed spring that absorbs and stores energy by offering resistance to pulling forces. Various ends are used to attach the extension spring to the source of the force. These will include German hooks, English loops, side loops, swivel hooks, and extended hooks. These are the most common types of ends we use on extension springs, but there are many other possibilities.


While many applications require springs that dampen force and absorb energy, others need a spring that opposes extension by pulling itself back together. The knowledgeable and experienced team at OmniCoil Spring Works Inc. designs, manufactures, and delivers high quality extension springs to customers worldwide. We can create custom designs for this essential component based on your exact specifications, delivering quickly and efficiently. 


At OmniCoil Spring Works Inc., one of our goals is to offer quick turnaround times for our customers. We understand the need to expedite deliveries for rush and breakdown emergencies. We do our best to keep the delivery time tight so you can get the high-quality extension springs that you need to stay up and running. We also pride ourselves on providing you with quick turnarounds between Requests for Quotation and the quote being provided. You know you can rely on us to supply high-quality extension springs quickly.

Spring Hook Types


☑ Machine (German hook)

☑ Cross-over-center (English loop)

☑ Swivel

☑ Drawbar

☑ Extended hook

☑ Customer specified hook

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