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Omni Coil Spring Works Inc-Brantford

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Whether you need a few specialty springs or a full production run, you can rely on OmniCoil Spring Works Inc. to deliver. Our extensive range of in-stock materials in a vast number of sizes and types allows us to design and manufacture springs to your exact specifications. We are proud to be ISO 9001 certified.


OmniCoil Spring Works Inc. is based in Brantford, Ontario, but designs and manufactures products for industries across Canada, the United States and worldwide. To request a quote and place an order, please give us a call or use the form on this page.


OmniCoil Spring Works Inc.

25 Catharine Avenue

Brantford, Ontario


N3T 1X7

Phone: 519-620-2645

Fax: 519-751-1076


Mailing Address

PO Box 25048 RPO West Brantford

Brantford, Ontario


N3T 6K5


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