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Torsion Springs

Due to their ends being rotated in angular deflection, Torsion Springs offer resistance to an applied torque. The wire itself is subjected to a bending stress rather than a torsional stress. Springs of this type are usually close wound and reduce in coil diameter and increase in body length as they are deflected. However, to increase the longevity of a torsion spring, they may be coiled with a slight pitch (i.e. spacing) to limit the amount of friction between the coils.

At OmniCoil Spring Works Inc., our team of experienced staff works with customers to ensure that the design of the torsion springs that we manufacture meets specifications precisely.  The Engineering Department at OmniCoil Spring Works Inc. is always ready to discuss spring design with our customers to ensure you are getting the correct torsion spring for your application. OmniCoil Spring Works Inc. can help you design from scratch or modify your torsion spring design using our specialized computer software. Call OmniCoil Spring Works Inc. today to find out how!